Dr. Jorge I. Gaviria

Hair Transplant and Research

Dr. Jorge Gaviria practices at PascualMD Beauty and Wellness Center. He is licensed to practice medicine and surgery in the U.S., Spain, Colombia and Puerto Rico. His practice specialties include the creation of low frontal hairlines and corrective hair transplant procedures—procedures that require a great deal of experience and expertise.

Dr. Gaviria brings a research background to his craft and practices evidence-based medicine. He is the principal investigator for studies on: donor site closure, dense packing and survival rates, digital medical hair transplantation, and hair cloning. Dr. Gaviria looks forward to the day when he can bring the cloning of hair to his patients. He has established a laboratory for the purpose of making this happen in the near future.

Dr. Gaviria is the only hair restoration doctor in the world who has completed two accredited fellowship programs in hair restoration, both with world renowned physicians: Dr. Walter Unger from New York City and Toronto, Canada, and Dr. Matt Leavitt, from Orlando, Florida. He is also the only hair restoration doctor who has combined the best techniques being used in Europe and the United States by opening facilities in Spain and Florida.