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An estimated 3% of the population is affected by extreme underarm sweating. There hasn’t been a permanent treatment before, but now cosmetic surgeons have found the solution to reduce the problem of excessive sweating with Vaser treatment.

The Vaser procedure uses ultrasound technology to remove some of the sweat glands to alleviate the problem of excessive sweating, resulting in up to 80% reduction in sweat. Traditionally patients have turned to Botox as a treatment to stop excessive sweating. While effective the Botox treatment usually last 6 months at an average cost of $1,000. The Vaser procedure is approximately $2,500 and destroys the sweat glands, which do not grow back.

First, your doctor will numb the area to prepare a tiny incision of where the probe will enter. Then, a Vaser probe is passed under the skin to gently manipulate the gland back and forth breaking down the sweat glands. The surgeon will be able to do this by using the ultrasonic pulses, which are emitted from the machine. The destroyed sweat glands are then aspirated through a small tube. Expect minimal downtime, and scarring done to the underarm area. In all, the procedure is fairly simple and takes less than an hour to complete. You are able to go home afterwards and resume normal activities within a day or two of the surgery.

Patient Testimonials

  • I am a 34 year old female with the “few extra pounds” body type not necessary considered fat but a little thicker than your average person. Here is my story! For as long as I can remember, I have had the problem of sweating profusely in my underarms, hands and feet not only when under stress or exertion, but often for no apparent reason. I needed HELP!!! Its very hard to date like this, when always sweating one time a guy asked me if I was always nervous because of my sweating!

    This condition, known as Hyperhidrosis, has caused me embarrassment my whole entire life and has been really really hard on me. I did, however, recently achieve a promotion at work into management which would involve many casual presentations in the board room in close quarters with my colleagues, so I saw the writing on the wall and decided to get a permanent solution to my problem. After doing research online, I found that the surgeons at PascualMD in Miami do a cosmetic surgery operation doing Vaser Liposuction to remove sweat glands in the underarm area to bring the sweating down to a normal level. Thought it was weird, lipo for underarms. After doing my due diligence, I consulted with Dr. Pascual and got all my questions answered and scheduled an appointment after it was determined I was an ideal candidate for the procedure.

    The operation was “no sweat”! It took only about an hour and they used only local anesthetic to numb the area so there was no pain and the ultrasonic vibrations of the Vaser probe broke up my sweat glands and they were sucked away with Lipo. The incisions were very tiny and the scars are almost invisible. The surgeon removed my sweat glands so now when I sweat, it is much reduced and is about the same as other people. I started my new job and have much greater confidence than before knowing that I can take of my jacket among others without receiving the embarrassing stares at my armpits that I used to receive. I feel like a new woman and the $2500 it cost me was money well invested into my future success! Thank you Dr. Pascual XOXOXO

    Kathy Rodriguez
  • I am going to write about my story simply because I believe that this surgeon deserves recognition for changing I mean REALLY changing my life. I have suffered from an affliction that I have had most of my life called hyperhidrosis, or excess sweating. I am writing this testimonial on my own to express my gratitude for Dr. Pascual. She is truly an amazing person that is very smart and awesome. The reason why I say awesome is because when I saw her she explained everything to me like three times, lol because I didn’t understand.

    Anyways, It is the worst under my armpits but it affects my hands and feet as well. I have often been under the social obligation to shake hands with someone and been embarrassed by my sweaty grip, giving a bad impression. I had this happen to me a job interviews over the years and am convinced it has cost me positions I really wanted. It is also an ordeal in my personal life because when dating women, I would often break out into a dripping sweat for no reason which caused a bad reaction with my dates and often actually repelled them. I tried special antiperspirants, and oral medication, without success.

    Then I learned that Botox controls excess sweating and after doing some research, I made an appointment to get the procedure done at PascualMD in Aventura. It worked! Its strange to have been totally cured of this, really strange and liberating feeling. My underarm sweating was drastically reduced and it lasted over four months and it only cost me $1000, what I consider a bargain for the benefits it provided. I liked the results so much that I discussed with Dr. Pascual a permanent solution with VaserLipo cosmetic surgery. There is only the one-time fee of $2500 and the problem would be eliminated forever. So I had the operation. It took about an hour and since they only used a local anesthetic I was able to go back to work the same day. Okay this is how they explained it to me (but all I know is that I don’t sweat anymore): The VaserLipo procedure used ultrasonic vibrations to selectively destroy my sweat glands without damaging surrounding tissue and drained them away and there was no real discomfort to speak of. They didn’t remove all my sweat glands, just enough that I now perspire like a regular person. Thanks to Dr. Amaryllis Pascual at PascualMD in Miami for giving me more confidence and self-esteem and making a positive difference in my life! Hope this helped other people seeking the same life changing treatment.

    Pierre La Blanc
  • Thank you Dr. Pascual, I have lost over 90 pounds and I feel great! My health, self-esteem and looks have improved dramatically.

    Yamila Cruz
  • For the first time in a long time, I am happy when I look in the mirror each morning. I can see a difference in the way I look and how I feel about myself! I noticed a huge boost in my self-confidence! Thank you Dr. Pascual!

    Our Patient
  • So it has been almost 6 months since my last review and slightly longer since my Vaser Hi-Def procedure from Dr Jeffrey LaGrasso as Pascual MD in Aventura. Still very happy I did the procedure, very happy with the outcome and glad I did it. The facility was extremely clean, I felt safe and the doctor made me feel like he had everything under control…

    Beau B.
  • I am very happy I found Dr. Pascual. I love her practice; from the ambience to the staff. Dr. Pascual is truly a professional she makes me feel comfortable, it is wonderful to know that I can count on her support. Thank you Dr. Pascual for helping me look and feel great.

    Patricia Adarmes , Univision Actress
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