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Breast Augmentation Results

Who are the good candidates for breast augmentation?

Also referred to as augmentation Mammoplasty, this cosmetic surgery is performed to correct a variety of issues related to the breasts. Women suffering from uneven or disproportionate breasts are the most common candidates for this surgery. But women who want to have larger breasts are also great candidates for this procedure. Breast augmentation is now a common procedure for housewives in the US. Women usually request it if they have underdeveloped breasts or if their breasts have sagged due to giving birth or breastfeeding.

Like any other surgery, it is of vital importance to begin the process with a consultation with your preferred surgeon so that you can discuss every concern that you have. One important topic that you and your surgeon should discuss is implant type. They will also discuss at this time the incision scar that you will have after the procedure so you will not be too alarmed when you see it.

Types of breast implants

During breast augmentation an artificial implant is put under the breast tissue or under the chest muscle just behind the breast. The breast implant is made of an outer layer of firm silicone. It is filled with silicone gel or salt water. There are basically two types of breast implants:

  1. Saline filled implants – These are filled with saline water. The outer layer is made of silicone.
  2. Silicone-filled implants – These are made of an outer layer of silicone, which is filled with a silicone gel.

Breast Augmentation Before & After

When you view before-and-after photos of some of Pascual MD’s patients, you will see actual results they have achieved and get a better sense of the possible outcomes following surgery. In addition to these photos provided for our online visitors, many more photos are available when you come in for a consultation.

View Breast Augmentation Before & After Gallery

Post operation

Most of the patients who receive the breast augmentation surgery report no pain, tenderness, tingling or numbness. Further they don’t feel any burning sensation or a chest wall trauma. Basically, there are very little complications and the surgery is safe and effective.

  • Thank you Dr. Pascual, I have lost over 90 pounds and I feel great! My health, self-esteem and looks have improved dramatically.

    Yamila Cruz
  • For the first time in a long time, I am happy when I look in the mirror each morning. I can see a difference in the way I look and how I feel about myself! I noticed a huge boost in my self-confidence! Thank you Dr. Pascual!

    Our Patient
  • So it has been almost 6 months since my last review and slightly longer since my Vaser Hi-Def procedure from Dr Jeffrey LaGrasso as Pascual MD in Aventura. Still very happy I did the procedure, very happy with the outcome and glad I did it. The facility was extremely clean, I felt safe and the doctor made me feel like he had everything under control…

    Beau B.
  • I am very happy I found Dr. Pascual. I love her practice; from the ambience to the staff. Dr. Pascual is truly a professional she makes me feel comfortable, it is wonderful to know that I can count on her support. Thank you Dr. Pascual for helping me look and feel great.

    Patricia Adarmes , Univision Actress
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